Each of us is surrounded every day by familiar places and actions: the bed in which we sleep, the view from the window at our workplace, the food we eat every day.

I believe that if we improve even a little any of these elements that fill our lives, add everyday magic, life will improve in general. A new spice in your morning scrambled eggs, edible flowers in a salad - all these are little things that make our life better. This is a blog about elven cuisine.

I write recipes with minimal carbohydrates, healthy and very different. My name is Lilia Voronina, I am a food photographer and keto evangelist.


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In simple terms, keto is a high-fat diet where we get 80% of our energy from fat, 15% from protein and another 5% from carbohydrates. We eat a lot of greens and salads, eggs, any fish and meat, and a lot of fatty foods. Whipped cream 30%. Butter with cheese. Coffee with coconut oil. A lot of fatty fish.

In general, everything that we eat can be viewed on Instagram - in stories and in photographs. Doesn't look like a diet if you don't have an addiction to sweets or rolls. I do not have. And yes, you can drink wine.

And, perhaps, the most important question is why. Of course, at first we just wanted to lose weight, for example. And you also read an article about biohacking, where it is written that it is very cool. Food photographer Petya Karasev, nutritionist Marina Liepis, and a number of friends from the Internet were on keto.

And here's why we haven't quit so far:

- the feeling of hunger has disappeared. There are no more sugar drops (because we hardly eat any carbs at all, yeah!) And there is no desire to chew every few hours. We have breakfast in the morning and can calmly go about our business until the evening.

- sleep improved. We sleep well and get up very early calmly.

- the feeling of tiredness has disappeared. My phone will stop playing with music before I get tired of cycling. Or walk.

- it became much easier to concentrate - almost "goodbye to procrastination." Being focused all the time is very cool.

- the mood has ceased to change. No more emotional swing like "today I'm a princess and a pea and everything pisses me off, and in an hour I'm ready to save the world." I am now always even and good!

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