Why xanthan gum on keto?

Xanthan gum - aka gantan gum - should be in most low-carb keto baking recipes. In the vast majority of bread recipes. It helps to bring all the ingredients together, without it, most gluten-free baking recipes would look like a bunch of crumbs. Moreover, very little gum is needed - for most recipes, half a teaspoon is enough.

What eactly does xanthan gum do? It binds ingredients together and works as a gluten (gluten) substitute - it is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the dough and is very important for bread. Gluten helps the bread dough rise during baking, it traps air bubbles and allows them to grow. The xanthan gum in gluten-free bread gives the same result.

The gum doesn't work exactly like yeast, it only mimics the function of gluten. Xanthan gum turns the dough into a viscous and sticky dough, which allows the dough to trap air bubbles from the yeast or baking powder, which in turn allows the dough to rise. The bubbles inside the dough and the light texture are what makes regular gluten-free baked goods different. With the help of xanthan gum, we can get as close as possible to this.

Possible substitutes for xanthan gum are guar gum and flaxseed. I have not tried these alternative methods, but they should help stick and emulsify in a similar manner. However, many people say they don't work as well as xanthan gum.

Make sure you use the gluten-free version of xanthan gum, as most versions of the gum are not gluten-free and are made from wheat.

I recommend options for example from the iherb site - these are.

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