Winter seems to be back, so today is lasagne day. It so happened that I tried lasagna only once, and it was something like "3 minutes in the microwave - and your dinner is ready", well, I hadn't cooked it before. How it happened - it happened))


  • Fresh leaves


  • Tomatoes

    1 can

  • Minced chicken


  • Micro pumpkin

    0.5 pcs

  • Bulb

    1 PC

  • Cheese


  • Brynza


  • Mozzarella mini


  • Cheese cream


  • Spice



So, I had: fresh lasagna sheets from @, a can of chopped tomatoes, minced chicken, half a micro pumpkin, onion, cheese - sliced, feta cheese and mini mozzarella, cheese cream and some spices. I don't know if a recipe is needed here, but in short - onions, some of the tomatoes and minced meat are fried, the pumpkin with cheese cream is baked, the mold is greased with butter, and the layout begins - tomatoes, dough sheet, minced meat, cheese, cream sauce, dough, tomatoes. . pumpkin, and so on, as your imagination leads. Top should be a layer of dough with creamy sauce and cheese. The more cheese on top, the tastier your lasagna will be in the photo! And next time I will add twice as many tomatoes)

Made by  AIGER